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Alternate power supply for an old laptop? Answered

For those who it may concern, thanks if you can help. Got an Toshiba 460CDT laptop that has everything inside (HDD, RAM, battery, etc), but there is one thing that concern me, the power supply. I didn't came with it, being super cheap (3$), so now I'm in need for a 15V 3A power supply which I don't have. So for my question, would another power supply, like a wall wart, would work with this old laptop? Is there a difference using a wall wart or a laptop power supply to power a laptop? Would any power supply, being 15V 3A or 10.8V recharge the 10.8V 3600mAh battery even if its a few units off? And say if the battery was dead when I do find a power supply, would this old laptop still use the power supply to power up the computer without the battery?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

you computer should be able to startup without the battery.

A laptop power supply and a walll wart are pretty much the same thing.. (Like a hp computer and a dell computer, They do the same thing, but look different)

What you need to look for is a power supply that is

15-18v (the extra 3 volts should be fine. Don't go more or less.)
3A or more. (When looking at power units, it is important to have a power supply that can give enough current. if you go lesss than 3a, then you risk blowing something up. amperage just tells how many 15volts it can give. Anything over 3a will be fine, the laptop will take what it needs. I wouldnt go over by too much though.)'

Match what the laptop power brick would have given, not what the battery says. you need the extra volts, and amps to charge... for example, for some of the batteries i use (12v /20a) we use 13.8v chargers.