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Alternative housing - Where to begin? How do I get a warehouse for turning it into a loft? Answered

I don't know what or how much money would be involved, but I don't think i can buy a normal house and i'm tired of apartments. I know it's possible to do this, but i don't know where to start. When I think of my dream home, I always picture all garage/work space and no real house. I spend most of my time working on a car, with DIY projects, Halloween experiments, and painting. I only come inside to sleep, pee, and eat. If I had something as big as a warehouse or old grocery store, I could live lofty in the top half and drive right in the bottom. It would be perfect. How do i do that? How much money do i need? what legalities would i face?



9 years ago

I share your dream but also have to tell myself " get a life" all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.
The pluses are as you mention easy to work and easy to bed.Nice to drive into a big shop and unload, work and then go upstairs, watch tv and go to bed.
The minuses though are big. The local zoning authorities are not going to like this. What you want will probably be zoned for commercial use or industrial, not residential. What you need is a place that doesn't have zoning,or has mixed use.Because of the big size you'll probably end up with more of an industrial or down at heel type area.You won't be able to afford the price of a retail location. So now you will not have any neighbors or neighbors who come and visit to take things every night. That gets to be a big bore after a while.
Heating and cooling a big workspace like that will take some dollars as well. Most anything you do partitions to paint etc will need approval from the Building Department and or Fire Department, it's not like home.
Maybe a smaller town would not have so many of these restrictions but check carefully before commiting to a property.
Last but not least not many dates are going to think it's fun to come back to this place? Maybe better to look for a house with a big barn/ shop that would be a better investment.


9 years ago

Alternative housing" most people think go green housing such as Straw bale housing but after reading your post looks like you are looking for large space. Take a look at Eric J. Wilhelm the founder and CEO of Instructables. He has a Instructables on how to start up a business and inside the instructable ther is a part about locations. Hope this helps