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Am I Allowed to Make a Forum Topic as a FAQ for my Instructable? Answered

Am I Allowed to Make a Forum Topic as a FAQ for my upcoming Instructable?: SpectrumLED

I started writing an F.A.Q in the Instructable, But I don't think it looks right...

Am I allowed to make it as a Forum Topic? Or anything else?


Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

If your instructable is a clear, and complete explanation of the topic, then I think most of the reader's questions will be answered in the Steps of the instructable itself .

But if that fails, and it might not be your fault if it does. It might just be that everyone else is stupid, not bothering to actually read your 'ible, step by step.

As I was saying, if there are still a bunch of unanswered questions, maybe you could title the Last Step of your 'ible, "FAQ", and put all of the frequently asked questions (and the answers to those faqs) in that Step.

If you do it that way, then the FAQ is positioned directly above the comments section, which is essentially the place for all questions, frequently asked, infreqently asked, and also unasked questions. That's the place people look first for answers that (seemingly) cannot be found in the body of your instructable.

Of course the trouble with the comments section is that it's a free-for-all, containing everything related and not.

And I suspect you'll have the exact same problem if you make a Forum topic for your FAQ, it is just going to get filled up with the same noise that fills up your comments section.

I mean the only part of it you can make clear and organized ( e.g. as a bulleted list) is the little blurb that goes at the top of the Topic. Everything below that just looks like a forum discussion, because it is one.


Best Answer 3 years ago

you can do what ever you want

but I would say that keeping it in the instructable is the best


3 years ago

I guess so BUt wouldn't it be easier for your followers to put the FAQ as the first comment or even as a part of the instructable?


Answer 3 years ago

I could put it as a comment, But the "Feature Comment" option was disabled in the last Instructable site update, So NO...

I'll see if I can put it as part of the Instructable, I'm still trying to decide...