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Am I able to upload a project in progress, and add new steps over time? Answered

I have a 90% complete foam block model: Should I wait until completion before posting steps?
Furthermore, what is the best type of clear, matte/satin, hard setting varnish to use on acrylic paint?



Best Answer 8 years ago

1: Yes. You can start writing up your project now, uploading photos etc, but save instead of publishing. When it is finished, then you hit Publish.

2: Most varnishes are OK over acrylics in my experience, as long as the paint is properly dry before varnishing.


8 years ago

You have a few options... you can post it as a slideshow now, without the step by step and publish the full version as an instructable later. Another option would be to create the full version as you go along, and publish it when you're done. You can still link people to it while it is unfinished if you have certain people you want to show the pictures to before you actually publish it.