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Am I in danger? Answered

I am building a new tazer design, based off of my diy taser circuit, powered by a 9 volt. I shocked myself in the right temple ( don't ask ) and I am wondering if it could harm me. How much voltage an I getting? Btw ever since I shocked myself my right eyelid "flutters" rappidly every now and then, a few times a day.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Fear not. The eyelid thing is probably not related to the tazering. My eyelid went through a period when it would flutter in the way you describe and I have Never tazered myself in the temple. Its just a nerves thing so stop worrying. The 9volt battery could, depending on the circuit, still produce quite a high voltage but it probably won't have delivered much in the way of current which is what would do the damage if there was any.


7 years ago

Do You Have A Trans Former In It 'Cause Those Can Super Charge.
P.S. What Kind Of Capacitor Are You Using? If Any?


10 years ago

This reminds me of when i was useing a router, the cord hit the blade then hit my elbow, i was alittle "loopy" for 5 min. nothing permanent though. you should be fine though :)