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Am i really secured and anonymous with HOTSPOT SHIELD?? Answered

Question i want to ask that if i have turned on hotspot shield and i run a port scanner will that port scanner data pass by hotspot shield VPN or from my real ip address? I am confused because i have studied somewhere that hotspot shield vpn actually Only encrypt HTTP and HTTPS protocols so if i run nmap port scanner throw Ms dos command line or any other this type of software or tool by ms word will all my traffic pass by VPN or my real ip?

I will select the best answer immediately after i get clean explanation from anybody :)

Thanks in advance



Best Answer 4 years ago

If the hotspot is actively broadcasting your SSID then anyone can see it and try to connect to it. If the connection is encrypted then people will have trouble accessing it. I'm not going to say they cannot access it cause there is a chance the encryption can be hacked. But anything transmitted over Wi-Fi or over any kind of wireless connection can be captured/recorded. Then it's just a matter of time before a hacker will be able to break the encryption and see everything you've been transmitting. Even if that time period is hundreds of years.


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks for your answer however i need little more information as asked in my question above "so if i run nmap port scanner in Ms dos command line or any other this type of software or tool by ms word will all my traffic pass by VPN or my real ip?"

I understand above answer is based on overall traffic passed by hotspot shield and if hotspot shield is active deos all and every packet of data will pass by hotspot shield or anything connect to internet outside of hotspot shield connection I.E i am running nmap in ms dos? or any other software in ms dos ?

By the way what protocol is used for connecting to internet or servers in ms dos?


Answer 4 years ago

If you have a VPN set up and your trying to pass data from one system on the VPN to another then it will use the VPN. No matter what your IP address is used. A VPN doesn't mask your IP address in any way. Your IP address can change at any time depending on the needs of your ISP. A VPN allows you to share data across a shared or open network such as the internet as if the devices where directly connected in a private network.

I think you need to do some more research on how all this stuff works. You seem to be missing some of the basics. Such as the command prompt in windows isn't actually MS Dos but an emulation of MS Dos. IPv6 is the standard used. If you want to connect to the internet you should be using IPv6. Though many internet address are still using IPv4 but IPv6 is backwards compatible.


Answer 4 years ago

Actually i have made a mistake in above comment i used word "Ms word in third line in place of "ms dos" so just ignore that :))