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Amateur Radio? Answered

 I am going to be taking an amateur radio course early 2010 (Foundation level).
I am interested in summits on the air - http://www.sota.org.uk.  I want to build a small aerial that could be packed away into a small section of PVC pipe. I have found the 2m 1/4 wave ground plane thesurvivalpodcast.com/forum/index.php - this design keeps coming up.  Any help, suggestions, ideas etc gladly accepted. Also anything else you want to tell a budding radio HAM; hints, tips etc.



7 years ago

1/4 waves are a good option and only need a minimum of about three radials. However, if you are VERY short on space, a 5/8 antenna (1/4 wave with a coil on the bottom) could be better. There should be some information in the Foundation book about aerials and there is loads of aerial literature on the internet.

One other idea for your ham career - QRP (low power operation) is another fun, interesting and challenging aspect of the hobby and goes well with summits on the air.
If you want to be able to build and use your own transmitters, you will have to get the Intermediate licence. However this is not too difficult and the Advanced licence teaches you much more about how electronics works.

I went from no electronics knowledge (apart from what my Dad, who is an electrical engineer, told me) to Advanced Licence in three years, whilst joggling this with school work (I am now 14), so it is not too hard!

Good luck with your radio career and 73s!

Andy UU1CC

9 years ago

Well, you are in UK, you know about RSGB and you can speak English. So, let's go to the local RSGB office or just radio club, ask guys kinda:"What you prefer - beer or whiskey" and go on. See you in the Air, 73!