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Amatuer experiment Contest! How high can an aquarium airpump pump water? Mini airlift pump. Answered

I believe that many bubble pumps for aquariums can bubble the air about 2ft deep under water.  So if you use the air bubbler as part of an airlift pump, how high can you pump? 
Here is a link about airlift pumps http://www.animatedsoftware.com/pumpglos/air_lift.htm (unfortunately the wikipedia airlift pump entry is commercial spam).
Anyway, the aquarium air pump I used produces about 2 liters of air per minute (so not so much).
So here are the contest rules. 
Your airlift pump has maximum submergence of 2 ft.  You must use a T-Joint to introduce the air and you use an appropriate pipe diameter to airlift the water higher. The height pumped is measured from the top of the water in the water reservoir to the top of the airlift pipe and the submergence is measured from the top of the water in the water reservoir to where air enters the T-Joint.
So, winner and Instructables world record holder is  the person who pumps water highest under these conditions.
I will start with my example.

Thats pretty much as high as I will go but if you have a suitable area, I think you might beat me!
Competition is ongoing.
Best of luck


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