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Amazing piece of cultural history "Russia in color, a century ago" Answered

hello Chaps, I just saw this on one of my Facebook feeds and decided I would share it with you all... click me I'm not a *great photographer* and aside from knowing what I like and what I don't like, I have no vast knowledge of photography etc...

ANYWAY I came across this link... and well I think It's fantastic... considdering that over 100 years ago the photographic method used made it possible for us to see these fantastic true(ish) colour images giving us an unique view at Russias cultural heratage...

whilst I'm here... may I just remind Americans that it's spelt 'colour' ;)

anyway, what do you think?




8 years ago

Those are absolutely stunning photos. One of the fascinating technical bits is that you can see in several of them where a person moved between the three filtered shots, or (especially on rivers or lakes), the motion of the water.


Reply 8 years ago

I just thought they we're visually stunning... very interesting too :)


8 years ago

The photo technique is called HDR (high dynamic range) photography. There are a few ibles on it.