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Amphibious bike design? Answered

So I have an idea for an amphibious bike design and I have a very low budget, but im not sure if this basic design will even work



7 years ago

Maybe this is where you looking for:
It's different from your design but it works. Success!


8 years ago

I made one check it out! https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Amphibious-Bicycle/ It would work and does have enough buoyancy if the tent poles holding the thing down when it floats were stronger. For propulsion, I had the idea of attaching another wheel to the rear and water wheels from that one, but I never did it. Good luck!


8 years ago

have a look at this video:
The bike only uses four floats and it has a very clever side paddles on the wheels


8 years ago

In addition to the question of how much buoyancy you need (more than is shown here, especially when the rider's weight is added, think about where it has to be if the vehicle is to be stable. Having it float upside down wouldn't be useful. Quick thought: Websearch "boat displacement" and/or boat design generally, since that's basically what you're trying to create.

It isn't clear how you're going to propel yourself through the water. A bicycle tire is not an efficient paddle-wheel. And you're going to have water resistance to pedaling, which means more lost energy.

Obviously, if you try this, use a junker bike -- it's going to rust. And test under very controlled conditions -- while wearing a life vest, and with the realization that even if you get it floating initially it may come apart and sink later.


8 years ago

I don't think that you have enough bouyancy to keep yourself afloat (just my opinion), but it looks like a cool idea. Build it and see. Make an instructable, post it here and see what happens. Trial and error. Go for it!