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Amplifying speakers and IC's Answered

I have come to the instructables forum today in search for knowledge. So I have been working on a simple speaker system for my ipod shuffle, the speaker I used is quite old, but was the only one I found laying around. When I plug my ipod into the circuit everything works fine the only problem is that it is barely audible. Is there a way to amplify the sound so I can actually hear it without having to stick my ear right next to it? Pictures of my work so far will be provided. Oh also identifying the IC's included in the gallery would be of utmost help. Thanks in advance.



7 years ago

First, your speaker looks more like a piezo buzzer. In order to amplify the power coming out of your iPod you have to use an operation amplifier (for example the Lm368).
To identify the ics type the code in google and look for the datasheets.


Reply 7 years ago

Just what I was searching for thanks.