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An Indistructable Basket! Answered

Hi guys, I have a habit of destroying my washing baskets, they're either too fragile and crack or bend or tear under the weight of the wet clothes, or they're too small to use. On top of that it has to be able to fold down either small, or preferably flat, and be able to stand on its own. It's an engineering challenge! At the moment, I'm thinking maybe wood, but it might be a bit thick, but I also had the idea of making a weave basket out of that thin metal cord that you can buy at B&Q, do you guys have any idea what methods/conepts/materials i can use to make something like this? Thanks, ParadoxDetected :)



10 years ago

We use one of the big blue "bags for life" from Tesco.


10 years ago

What about a stiffened sack? Big cloth bag, insert stiffeners so that it holds a shape.