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An awesome website I found for sharing the tools you use in your Instructables (or for anything else!) Answered

I recently found a free website called Kit.com, and as the name implies, it's a website for making kits of the stuff you like and use

So far, I've made a bunch of different kits such as

I think it's a pretty cool website, and encourage everyone to make their own kits of the tools and stuff they use in their projects! If you make your own kits, link them to your Instructables profile page (Like I did with Linktree), and post a comment below so can all see what you use and waste more money on tools we're sure we need! :)

They also have an option for embedding the kit in a website which looks really nice (see this, though when I tried it once it looked a bit different), but unfortunately Instructables doesn't support it... (hint-hint!)

You can also create an affiliate code, so when people buy through the links, you earn a few percent of the sale, which is pretty cool too!

Maybe unrelated, Kit was just acquired by Patreon so if you read this in the future it might not be free. I have no idea. Also, if you're an SEO genius you need to tell me how to make it so my kits rank on Google!

Post a comment if you make one!


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