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An external cd-rw drive into an external HDD? Answered

I saw an instructable on making an external hdd from an old external cd-rw drive....im just curious if i can do it with an IOMEGA drive..  If anyone can tell me if its possible(or something else to do with it)  it would be great. Thanks!



7 years ago

It might be feasible to hook up and fit a hard drive in the case but might not be worth the effort. Your zip drive is off a parallel connector and old IDE electronics. You would have to figure all of that out and still get an extremely slow connection.
You could stick a real portable drive with new usb connection in there but the "wow" factor just isn't there - maybe retro apple fans would appreciate it.

I dunno, I got one or two zip disk drives in the junk pile with other obsolete parts like scsi drives. Make it the base for a desk lamp or soldering station third hand. Good luck.


Reply 7 years ago

Thanks, i guess ill just use it for parts, i was just curious anyway. Next project is making some sort of antenna for a video receiver.