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An structable that imitates and improves Wacom's Inkling Answered

Hello all!

Just surfing the web for some drawingtablets, that is where I found (duh! d'oh)Wacom Inkling http://www.wacom.eu/index2.asp?lang=en&pid=9226&gm=3

It looks cool, but:
* I wonder if Wacom is "more compatible" with products they sell, in other words, buy Inkling buy other Wacom related products to make it compatible with each other.
*Pen, pressure sensitive, but can you swap the inkleader with any you like?

Especially(correct?) (I'm Dutch ;) ) the pen. When the ink has dried up, you don't want to buy another Wacom pen which takes ages to ship.

It doesn't seem that hard to recreate something similar without my assumptive drawbacks. But is there a whizzkid that would like to make and instructable like this?
Please? :)





7 years ago

Take the ink pen "ink" to a office supply store and pick up a generic refill for it.
It looks pretty standard ink. You could probably get another set, even in a different color for a few dollars.

I have used wacom products for years (well the grahpire and now the intuos line of tablets) they are great. I dont know how good the inkling is but it looks really neat product.


7 years ago

Well, even if the inkcardridges are BIC-compatible, this is show-and-tell and all about making stuff.
I read that the price hangs around 150 euro, which is quit a lot. Can it also be done on a budget?

But I have to agree, the things that make wacom pen(cardridges) stand out of the normal ones is indeed the pressure sensitivity.


7 years ago

The system comes with some replacement ink cartridges. When you get down to your last one its time to order more. You don't have to buy a whole new pen. The typical waycom pen knows the amount of pressure you put on the tip cause it uses a pressure sensor behind the tip. I'm sure the Inkling pen has the same sensor just behind the ink cartridge.

The pictures on the site don't do the pen justice so its hard to tell exactly how big the cartridges are and if you could substitute a cut down Bic ink cartridge in it. Chances are you could do it.

If you want to modify an existing Waycom pen for this you would need to make the pen longer to accommodate the length of the ink cartridge you plan to use.