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Analog Water Valve 1/2" or 3/4" Answered

Hey guys, new here. Been looking around for parts for my project for a while now and so far have come up pretty empty handed. I am looking for some parts, or even some information on if anyone has a specific place for parts when it comes to household plumbing.

i am trying to source out Variable water valves of the analog variety in 1/2" or 3/4" inlets (preferably in brass) to be controlled by an Arduino. They need to be able to handle a PSI range of 80-100psi and in a N/C state. $0-$30/each preferably

Without fully giving away my project idea I basically am looking to switch out manual hot/cold water taps with electronically controlled ones. I need to be able to adjust how open the valves are so I can vary the temperature between the two pipes so that I can get an Arduino to control (with other sensors) and get a water temperature out the drain that is equivalent to bath water. (Hence why I need them to be variable and not just on/off)

I have have checked local shops, asked plumbing friends, alibaba, and (of course) Google. And I just can't seem to be able to punch in the proper keywords to find exactly what I am looking for. The closest thing I can find is automatic sink tap solenoids but they require a manual set up and only output at that mix ratio, So I'm hoping that someone has a plumbing supplier to direct me to, I'm pretty much out of ideas.

thanks in advance!



3 years ago

electronic mix or mixing valves.

Used for showers, heating systems, etc. you may be able to use the one out of a washing machine. Good luck.


3 years ago

If you can't get motorised valves, why not motorise some valves?

You could connect a suitable motor to the shaft of a gate valve, or a servo to turn the arm of a lever tap.