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And the winner of the improvisation contest is... Answered

I was just going for a walk, and what do I see? One of those heaters, as shown in the picture. 
I immediately saw (pun and hint not intended) the switches, and was anxious to get them home. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remove the connectors by hand, and didn't have and pliers or wire cutters. 
I was 25 meters - less than 5 minutes away from home, and way too lazy to go back and bring some tools. What do I do?
Look at the net/grill/cover/protector thing and immediately think that it's sharp and cut through the wires easily, DUH!  Not sure where I got the idea, but I thought that the side, where all of the smaller rods are welded onto the main one, would be pretty sharp. On a second thought, it might not have actually sawed through, but might have ripped through the wires, strand by strand, since it was soft copper.

Just thought I'd b̶r̶a̶g̶ share :)


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4 years ago

The switches that I was talking about weren't shown in the pictures, but there were quite a few 10A switches that were used for adjusting the heat. Quite a nice find, including the fact that thatnk to the fact that I didn't go back home, I found a nice, solid piece of MDF which I will probably use for an upcoming workbench I'ble.