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Android Games to Symbian Games Answered

    I have built games for android, but now i need to make it compatible on Symbian phone. Are there any tools to convert android games to symbian games?


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Reply 6 years ago

Compatible i relative if you have the source code and the right toolchains.
Problem is that Nokia did a good job with Symbian but it never caught up to the developers as Android soon took over.
For example if your game was designed in C++ or any other higher language you can cross compile what you like but pure Android apps directly to Symbian won't work.


6 years ago

Symbian was different from the beginning.

Since Microsoft bought Nokia things are not really getting better as Symbian is more or less phasing out.

In therory you could use the source code for your Android games and use a proper toolchain or cross compiler to get the code working for symbian.

Problem is that there are massive amounts of tasks that simply don't exists in this form on Symbian.

Best option IMHO is to abandone Symbian altogether and to use Android.