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Android custom soft keyboard? Answered

Android custom soft keyboard?

I'm trying to create my own custom virtual keyboard for Android. Tackling small problems. Can someone help me?
1) How can I customize the colors, the shapes of the keys on a keyboard?
2) Can I change the font of the labels of the keys on the keyboard?
3) Can I put the icons instead of the characters on the popup when you long press?
Here is my code:

        <Key android:codes="0201"    android:keyLabel="α" android:keyEdgeFlags="left" />
        <Key android:codes="0202"    android:keyLabel="σ" android:popupKeyboard="@xml/popup" android:popupCharacters="εέ"/>
        <Key android:codes="0203"    android:keyLabel="δ" />
        <Key android:codes="0204"    android:keyLabel="φ" />
        <Key android:codes="0205"    android:keyLabel="γ" />
        <Key android:codes="0206"    android:keyLabel="η" />
        <Key android:codes="0207"    android:keyLabel="ξ" />
        <Key android:codes="0208"    android:keyLabel="κ" />
        <Key android:codes="0209"    android:keyLabel="λ" android:keyEdgeFlags="right" />



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