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Annotation/Note boxes never line up where they are supposed to. Answered

Annotation box may not be the right word, because I've never done an Instructable, but I am talking about the "Note" boxes that you hover over to see the author's note on his project images. They rarely line up with what they are supposed to, no matter what Instructable I view. So I don't think it's the author's fault (Sometimes they are even way out of whack, like on the wrong side of an image), I think it's a bug.

For example, scroll down to the image of the pear painted on the glass on this page, and notice where the note is. Several of his images are that way, some are worse off than others:



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12 years ago

I checked out the link you gave and the image notes (that's what they are called) seem to positioned correctly to me. I've authored a lot of Instructables as well, and haven't found placement to be a problem, at least not recently. Have you found some other examples/can you post a screen shot of what you are experiencing?