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Announcing the Roboduino - the ultimate Arduino-compatible Microcontroller Answered

The Roboduino is finally on sale!!!

Its $40 for a kit and $55 for an assembled version

More info and sales information here: http://curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino

Features / Specs:
  • 100% Compatible with Arduino software.
  • Power buses along side pwm and analog pins easily accept standard servo and sensor connectors.
  • Powered can be supplied from USB, barrel plug or 3-pin male header. You'll need a suitable power supply when driving multiple servos.
  • dedicated UART 3-pin male header
  • 6 PWM outputs with neighboring unregulated power pins
  • 6 analog pins
  • 14 digital pins
  • Reverse polarity protection for board circuitry (not for unregulated power pins)
  • Optional I2C pull-up resistor locations


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