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Annoying cursor movement when formatting is used Answered

This bug has probably been documented thoroughly, and nearly every single person who writes an instructable must know it by now.

When you use italics or bold (I'm sure there's more) when writing, the moment you backspace it goes to the (most previously written) italicized font and backspaces it instead. When you're still writing the word (or phrase) it goes to the back of the word.

For someone who is in the middle of writing a massive instructable documenting nearly everything I know in Microsoft's shell scripting, it's very annoying every time I use italics to distinguish between normal writing and code, only to have to rewrite it after backspacing one of my typos.

You can recreate this (assuming it happens for more people than just me) by adding a comment, licking on the rich editor, writing some stuff, write in italics and then backspace.

I'm using Google Chrome, and I don't think screenshots would help here.



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7 years ago

Thanks for letting us know. I can recreate this on my end using Chrome, too. I'll file a bug report for this.