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Another shameless plug.... Answered

After Burning Man the recovery is a decompression.

Some have asked to see a post of pictures of this evente.

I made as step ible out of what,  i could in good faith publish.

It was burning sun hot with cooler evenings people wore minimum of apparel lots of pretty skin, lots of excellent body paint.

I brought a good friend from Reno..He was here for his fist visit to burning man and was considered a virgin Burner.
He thought the evening lights were  "magical, magical"  in his words and today we are still friends.

There were may bars and I would take a plastic cup at a bar exchanging an iron penny for a Blended Margarita.
Where I would  amiably consume .half my drink and get on my bike to finish said  drink while finding another Bar
and repeat the process until 9 bars got me back to the RV fully sober.

You can jump to my  SOOT  ible here.



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9 years ago

I am not so sure I would have liked ast much dust, as I saw you com in with !