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Antique Dress Clip - What Is It? Ceramic and bobbly cat eye type flowers/petals. Answered

Hello you marvellous people, I am totally in love with this website, and thought this might be the place to come to get some advice and information.

I've had this dress clip in my collection for years and am starting to sell off lots of it as I need to move city!
I could just sell it to a vintage shop somewhere, but then I wouldn't get to find out anything about it, and would only get pennies. It probably isn't worth much, but I still just really want to know!
I'm totally stuck on this piece. I've tried to get info on it everywhere, but no luck so far.

All I can really say about it, is it's a dress clip, and it's old! Can anyone tell me more? All advice would be most appreciated :)



8 years ago

From the looks - Art Deco style so 20's/30's Or Arts and Craft work. a little older.

is a web site showing examples of all art and design styles.

The clip looks like it may be a modern addition.

Try an Ebay search for similar items. or take to an antique shop or museum for an evaluation. Southerbys in London will give a free assessment and valuation if you take it there.


Answer 8 years ago

Thank you!
I think you are probably right about it being 30s. It's something about the colours I think.

I had a look at the link, and couldn't find anything similar anywhere unfortunately. I shall persevere with these ideas. I'll be in London over the weekend, so I might see if I can find out anything while there.

I hadn't considered that about the clip being a later addition, interesting. I wonder if this would have been used as something else previously?


8 years ago

It appears to be a vintage seashell brooch or clip. Maybe, 1930's or 40's. Some of those are highly collectible. I'd suggest you have someone who specializes in vintage jewelry take a look at it. It could be worth several hundred dollars.


Answer 8 years ago

I forgot to mention, until you find its true value, don't attempt to clean or polish it up. In many cases that can appreciably reduce the value of vintage jewelry.


Answer 8 years ago

Thank you ever so much! That is a great start!
I have no idea how I will go about finding someone with knowledge on the subject, but I may try some local antique shops (a couple are run by friendly people) and see what they can tell me.

I'd be wonderful if it were worth something, as I'm selling off a lot of my vintage collection to facilitate moving cities.

I wouldn't dare try to clean it as the petals around the edge seem quite fragile and I wouldn't have a clue how to go about it anyway!

You've been a great help, thank you :)