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Any Harry Potter fans out there? Answered

OK, good, you know about the whole Harry Potter thing, but do you know aboutthis?

Here's the idea.
- You put these MP3s onto two CDs and get a copy of The Sorcerer Stone.
- Mute your TV.
- Put them both in CD and DVD players.
- When you're at the DVD menu you hit play on both players at the same time.
- Swap CDs for the second half of the movie.
- Enjoy the hilarity!

OK, I'm guessing on the last one. I haven't tried this and it'll be a while before I have the time to do it. Has anyone else done it or willing to try?


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its a lion
its a lion

13 years ago

well if my brother gets the movie for christmas, and i find some money to get some blank cds, i will try it and tell you.

fungus amungus
fungus amungus

Reply 13 years ago

Cool. It might be a bit of adult humor. Not too sure. My friend had a good time watching it, but I haven't heard any specifics.