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Any Sydney-ers here want to share art/craft/tinkering shopping spots? Answered

I'm trying to compile a list of rather disparate resources that can be found in Sydney: hobby shops, art stores, gadget-component stores, etc. I'm looking for places that carry specialized or uncommon items like: Electronics parts (switches, capacitors, etc) Jeweler's size tri-wing screwdriver Loupe Small calipers Glass etching paste Soapstone Pencil torch Low-cost soldering iron (i.e. one that's not meant to be used often) Half-hard sterling wire Carbon fiber rods & others (I'm sure people who are more familiar with different crafts will be able to list tools/materials unique to their area, and I might as well try and collect a broad range of sources.) & Yes, I have looked online.


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13 years ago

Reverse garbage in marrickville near an amateur radio center or something. Sorry for the sketchy details! It has another shop called MAD. http://www.reversegarbage.org.au/ and Make a difference (MAD) has things made from stuff there. its at 55 enmore rd newtown sydney. reverse garbage ph no is 0295573411. The place where you buy materials is reverse garbage though. their site has a map and location.

Thats my incredibly confused instructions over. Reversegarbage.org.au has all you need to know.