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Any cheap DIY christmas gift ideas? (details)? Answered

I am currently 15 years old and live in Warsaw, Poland.

You see, in my family we never sticked to the "Everyone gives presents to everyone" scheme. My parents would get us presents, as well as give them to each other. I want to change it this year, since i feel like a total jerk this way (receiving gifts and not giving any)

Overall: I need to get a present for my father, mother and brother, whose details will follow. I don't want the overall cost of the gifts to surpass 100PLN (around $35?), nor for them to be the cheap "glue some felt to some cardboard and write some nice sentences" DIY christmas gifts. I would like them to be original, maybe just a creative, slightly changed everyday object.
They should not be consumable (cookies, bath salts etc.), they should be useful but nice (no coasters or stuff like that)
They can not require any help, since they have to be a surprise to my family. I would like them to be preparable in my bedroom, without use of any complicated tools (including sewing machines and glue pistols).
Also, no photo albums or such.

Father: My dad is a business-ish person interested in a variety of subjects, like chess, computers, programming, engineering, books, movies and all that stuff. He works a lot, uses an LG Viewty Snap, drives a Ford Mondeo, occasionally wears glasses. I would like his gift to be very practical and elegant, something he could take in his pocket and maybe use throughout the day (A personalised business card holder, maybe?)

Mother: My mom is the head of a small internet newspaper centered about building, ways of saving energy, construction and such. She spends most of her day at home. She likes knitting, sewing, and would surely love a simple gift that took some effort to make (some creative, practical thing to hang on the fridge? A hand-sewn pouch, stuffed animal or something?) or that makes the flat nicer (maybe a blanket?)

Brother: My brother is 18 years old, he studies sound directing at Warsaws' Music University. He's a lazy and messy person who plays the piano and performs at a small band on keyboard. A very artistic guy, his bedroom is full of synthesisers, cables, wires. He probably will not appreciate any gift, so be sure to give me some more suggestions - i have no idea what he might like. His gift should be minimalistic and creative - it does not need to be very useful.

Oh well, i kinda wrote too much up here.

If it was too long for you to read, i need a christmas gift idea for:
My dad (businessman)
My mom (pretty much a housewife)
My 18yo brother (who studies Sound Directing)
The added price of the three gifts should not go over $35, they can't be consumable, they need to be simple enough to be done inside my bedroom so it's a surprise.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions, i will give any information needed for your ideas :)



8 years ago

The best gift to give parents is chores or housework like shoveling driveways/sidewalks, cleaning, taking out the garbage, and general stuff like that.  It's free to you and priceless to them.  This might seem kinda worthless to you, but just trust me on it.  Making someone's life easier is just amazing and worth a whole lot more than material goods.  You could give them vouchers for vacuuming, doing the dishes, cooking, ironing, etc., and it will give you the unintentional benefit of learning how to do these things because there's a whole lot of skill in doing all of those things well and quickly.

As for your brother, who might be a bit picky, create some storage for his gear.  He probably has massive amounts of cables and papers and what not, and he could probably use some way of organizing all of it so it doesn't get destroyed and makes life easier for him.  I've found old file cabinets to be INCREDIBLY helpful (and cheap), and you could potentially buy one and renovate it for his tastes and needs.  Then you could enter it into one of the contests!

Hope it helps!  It's hard to be 15 and wanting to become a fuller participant in Christmas.  You can do bigger stuff as you get older, so keep it small this year.


Answer 8 years ago

I thought of that - the housework coupons. It seems like an awesome idea. The problem seems to be in my school - as i go to music school, i often find myself leaving home at 7.30 AM and returning after 8PM. Throw in the instrument practice, homework, and you're pretty much left with as much free time as you're willing to cut out of your sleeping schedule. I guess i'm going to give the vouchers a go though, if i don't have any gift for my mom the day before christmas :)


8 years ago

You sound like a very giving person. I am pleased to hear someone your age would like to please her family.

I suggest you go to a craft or bead store. Get some really nice glass or crystal beads and make your mother earrings or a necklace. If you don't know how to make either it is easy to find info online.

Your dad-sounds like he might like a tie clip,money clip or a nice bookmark or book light.

Your brother goes to music school like my own son. I think if you find out what type of music he is interested in.

- Buy him a song book of an artist he admires.
- Or even create a song list of music he might like, that he maybe never really heard before.
-If he writes his own music buy him a blank music book that he can fill with his own music.

Have a great Christmas.


8 years ago

Ok, considering your schedule, make your mom and dad an ornament each with an attached card saying how much you appreciate them.

Use whatever extra to get your brother something helpful.  Maybe some credits for MP3 downloads?

It doesn't sound like you have a lot of time for making presents, and adding stress to the holidays probably isn't great with finals and what not.  Keep it simple, sweet, and thoughtful.


8 years ago

Look up cable coils here on instructables. There are a bunch ideas about this. Heck you could do this for all of them out of old/used credit cards/gift cards. Good Luck.