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Any experience here with Edisonnation.com? Answered

I found another invention/product idea submission site call Edisonnation.com, which seems pretty cool. Anyone here tried that?

This is related to another forum topic I posted a few days ago about Quirky.com


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10 years ago

Well, whois gives les suspicious information in this case:  The company registered their own domain name; they're based in Charlotte, NC, and both the administrative and technical contacts are using the company address and telephone number. 

They don't provide any sort of physical address information anywhere I could find on their Web site, but they do have a telephone contact number in the Charlotte area.

Since they claim to have been written up in national press, it might be worthwhile doing Web searches for articles in those venues (e.g., NPR), rather than taking their word for it.

One thing I don't like about their Web site is their use of tinyurl redirection to get to information within their own domain.  That seems weird, as though whoever manages their site doesn't quite understand HTTP.


Reply 10 years ago

Tiny URL usage alone says to me someone doesn't know what they're doing, or they do, but it's beyond us at the moment and either way it's not good.
I suspect a lot of people are thinking (if not doing) this idea - it's got a revenue stream.