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Any good Ideas for a homemade gift for my friend's birthday?? Answered

I want to make something homemade for my friends birthday. I want it to be really cool, cause she lives in victoria and I live in surrey. Also, keep in mind that I am a kid, like under 14. My mom says 'no giving out my real age.'



9 years ago

Ducttape roses are always a huge hit, they're fun and easy to make. Paper wallets are cheap to make and always appreciated. Homemade jewlery is adorable. I'm sure she'll love anything you make hun!


10 years ago

I agree with your Mom about you giving out your real age: "under 14" is just fine by me :). Try typing "plastic flower" into the search box (at upper right) for some cool 'Ibles about making imitation flowers out of old plastic bags or bottles. Or make her a necklace out of homemade "shrinky dink" type beads . Or make a Sock Puppet for her, maybe? (Two sock puppets, made to represent her and you?) If you can work out kitchen/baking priveleges with your mom, how about making her some cookies, brownies, or energy bars? (If your local grocery store sells gummi letters, you might be able to use them to spell out her name on the baked goods.) There are Ibles for all of the above (except the gummi letters, which I figure you can handle :) that you can find using the search box. Good luck making your gift!