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Any good floatation buoyancy ideas for a shantyboat/boat (or dock)? Answered

I have a few designs for recycled material and/or ultra-small shantyboats in my new book, as well as a few on the drawing board- as I plan to make a small shantyboat this summer....but flotation-wise, using recycled materials- any ideas (I've included a few in my designs already- 55 gallon plastic drums, 5 gallon buckets with silicone sealed lids, long runs of recycled pvc (with both ends sealed), screened in blocks of capped soda bottles, etc)....

I'm sure there are a ton of different ideas and methods out there....

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11 years ago

 I'm not sure how big you're planning these to be, but I would guess another good and (fairly) lightweight floatation device would be those big water jugs used in those office water dispensers. Not sure where you could find them for free, but they might be cheap. Hmm... Now I want to make a boat this summer =D