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Any help on the green, yellow (or amber), and flashing red lights of death would be aces? Why, yes. It would indeed. Answered

When My PS2 burnt out, I looked into it and figured it overheated. I never cleaned it so I wasn't suprised. However, that experience made me religiously clean my brand new 80gb PS3 (with backwards compatibility), which was a joint effort xmas present from my whole family and my girlfriend and her family.(organized by her of course). So this xmas I got three of the newest releases I've been wanting. After 2 weeks I finally get enough free time to play. I turn it on, complete the latest update, install the game, and when I go to play it...it turns off. I tried to turn it back on and just like the other 600 posts i read, the light turned green, quickly after that it turned yellow or amber,  the beeped a few times while turning to and flashing red indefinitely. Everytime I try again it does the same thing. Someone please help.


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10 years ago

You have the infamous ylod (yellow light of death.

I'm sorry friend.

If it is still in warranty (90 days from sony by default), call sony . If you have extended warranty from a store, take it in there. If not, you're half SOL.

If it is totally out of warranty and you are OUT OF OTHER OPTIONS, there are a few diy fixes that can temporarily restore your machine to working status (long enough to backup game saves, deactivate the psn account(s) etc).
Most commonly its overheating.

Search youtube for disassembly instructions for your model (80gb) and follow the instructions EXACTLY. Take pictures or video as you go so you can play it back and see how to put it back together if you run into problems (to find out where that damn screw goes).
Once you reveal the processor, you need to remove the heatsink and clean the die with alcohol, reapply new heatsink compound, and reassemble the unit in the reverse order from before.

pray to your deity of choice.

turn it on. If successful, you may have a little extra time with your beauty.

If the above didn't work, theres another option of reheating the cpu die with a heat gun to hopefully re-solder a bad connection. this is extremely risky and if it doesn't work, you're doomed forever.

Lastly, one other option is a bad blu-ray laser/drive. These can be purchased online for about 30 dollars (parts) or 50-100 (entire drive).

May the force be with you.