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Any help with the design of a circulating temperature controlled water bath for sous vide cooking? Answered

I am a keen amateur cook who will soon be beginning my professional training as a chef and I have become very interested in molecular gastronomy particularly in the sous vide style of cooking things in a water bath at a specific temperature the their perfect level of doneness.

I realize that I will need:

some way to circulate the water so that there aren't hot patches
also a quite accurate thermostat with a digital display
a well insulated and obviously water tight container

It's been a while since high school physics and my knowledge of circuitry is a little rusty but that said if reminded a bit I do understand a fair bit about it.

Also if you think it will be more economically viable to buy one then just let me know.




7 years ago

My domestic oven will go as low as 40 deg C and controls the temp very well. You need an external thermometer to measure it though as the oven figures aren't accurate.

Wrap the food in foil and add moisture if required.

Slow cook

I have been cooking meat and fish like this for several years at least nothing burns meat can cook for hours - even over night fish obviously cooks much faster.

In sous vid the water is nothing more than an all round heat source as the food is vacuum bagged (to keep it dry) so why not use the oven.


7 years ago




7 years ago

You can buy most of the bits on Ebay. There was a project in Make magazine a couple of editions ago you can refer to as well.

You obviously need a heater, a controller, a tank, and a circulator. You don't need MUCH of a circulator, so they have been made with aquarium pumps.

We make industrial heating baths inside catering "Bain Marie" tanks, which are made of stainless steel, and also come with nice lids.

See if you can dig up the Make article, or this one from Instructables