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Any ideas for a printer that can print onto a bound notebook's pages? Answered


I've been wondering about this for a while. I would like some sort of machine that can print onto the pages of a book that is already bound. For example: If I have a leather notebook and I want to print a poem or some such onto a page I would then load the book into the printer and the printhead would move around the page to print the required text (as opposed to the page being moved in a normal printer). I was wondering if anybody knew of an existing tutorial, product hack that might allow me to do this? What I have found is the following:
-Axidraw - this is probably the closest to what I want but it is quite expensive.
-Handibot - this does what I had in mind but for cutting. My ideal would be something like this that prints.
-Printer modification - another step in the right direction but this only works if the material being printed on is of a fixed height.
The constraints I foresee is the fact that the pages in the book need to be kept flat and that the height of what is being printed on can vary. If there is a solution out there I haven't been able to come up with the search terms to find it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!





24 days ago

I am also looking for a machine or printer which does just that. The transparencies is an interesting idea. Thanks.


2 months ago

I use my inkjet printer (Canon Pixima 3-in-1) and transparency film (like from an overhead projector) to transfer things I do on my laptop into my journal pages. For words, I open a text box in Microsoft Word and type what I want transferred, then flip the text box as a Mirror Image. I print onto the transparency film and press it onto my journal page. for pictures, I use Paintshop Pro to manipulate it the way I want it to look (but you can use any photo editing program), then add the final image in Microsoft Word so that I know exactly how big I am printing it. The final image/words are not as bold and bright as one that is printed directly onto paper, but it is still clear and easily legible. I hope this helps!


1 year ago

I would say any X Y Plotter would do.
Having the right software to convert the text to the command code of the plotter is the important bit.

People have done many add-on at Inkscape to do this: https://inkscape.org/en/gallery/%3Dextension/

What I did was buy a 3D printer, Anet A8 are a good price.
You could mod that to do what you want, or use it to make your own plotter.
I made my own plotter and wrote some software.


1 year ago

I laser etched a book of memories for a revered senior staff member of the company I now work for. Tricky, but very do-able.


1 year ago

A laser cutter can print on wood or leather or fabric or cardboard or some plastics..