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Any ideas for practical (useful) baby shower favors? Answered

My sister is having a baby and we are throwing her a baby shower in June for about 40 people. We want to have some unique shower favors, and I know that someone out there has the perfect idea. DIY items are preferred over something bought in the store because it is fun to make it yourself and can be personalized! Thanks!



7 years ago

Baby sock roses ARE the easiest! I am making a bouquet of them for a Christmas gift. The pesron isn't allowed to have real flwoers at work, so giving her the ones i am making! They are super easy and super cute!


10 years ago

What if you got a bunch of those colorful plastic sippy cups and filled them with little candies or other stuff like Guardian Fox suggested? For extra DIY flair, you could make little paper flowers and put one in the "sippy" hole of each sippy cup. (I think there's a way to make super-cute little roses out of infant-sized socks; but I'm not sure where to find directions, or what your adult guests would do with one infant sock once they got home...)


10 years ago

Well, it really depends on the group. If they share a common interest, the favors could be tailored towards them. For example, if they're all fond of crafts or sewing, you could give out sets of quilt squares or baskets of paints and brushes.

If they don't really share any common interest other than being friends and relatives of your sister, you might consider gifts of a more general nature that everyone present can enjoy. Cosmetics and toiletries, home spa stuff, towels and cloths, etc. Around here, the traditional gift from the woman with child to her shower-guests is knitted dishcloths, towels, trivets, and other simple knit items, and there's no rule against her friends and relatives helping to (or entirely taking over) produce them.

If you really don't know everyone's tastes... Select a few different cheap gifts in a large-enough quantity and prepare gift packages on the spot. This is by far my favorite example: buy a selection of small-packaged gourmet coffees, assorted teas, and hot chocolates and buy enough of each that you should have left-overs when you're done. Give each guest a big mug or a nice canister and help them fill it with their choice of teabags or coffee satchets or packages of hot chocolate. Add things like a chocolate-dipped spoon, marshmellows, small jars of honey, sugar cubes, etc. Encourage your guests to mix and match or trade the items. Dress the bundles up with ribbons and pretty packaging and they'll be a hit.