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Any ideas on converting SUV rear area so it's flat - possibly hinged ? Answered

I am looking at a Toyota SUV. The problem is that I want to put dogs & crates in the back but the rear seats do not fold down flat!




11 years ago

Without knowing the model the simplest method would be to just remove the seats. Car seats are typically held to the car by a few bolts on rails that are attached to the frame. If you are looking for a method of making the seats operable (folding up and down) then you'd need to dismantle the seat itself and install a type of spring loaded lever which would allow the seats to have some mobility. Really I'm over-simplifying just how difficult this option would be. If your car didn't already come with seats that fold down your best options are: 1) find seats that are collapsible and install them in your ride 2) remove the seats. Good luck!