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Any ideas on how to make a water fall weir? Answered

I have a koi pond and I want to fix my waterfall with 4 or 5 weirs but my budget is tight and I can't afford to buy them. My pond sit at the base of a hill and I have a very strong pump to move the water so that isn't an issue. I just want to add more drama to the waterfall and the only way that I can think of doing it is by installing weirs. Any suggestions?



9 years ago


Not sure if this is too late, but i found a youtube vid where it shows how to do this. Will cost u around 10 dollars. Go to Lowes and the section where you have storage bins for bolts, screws, etc is where u will find this big storage bin. Its the same as the video. Located in the lowes- storage section. Not household storage bins.

to find the youtube vid google.
How to make a backyard pond waterfall weir...

Good luck and post a how to. I started mine, but the cold hit in too quick, so will prbly have to finish it in the spring.


10 years ago

. Unless you plan on using the weir to measure flow, there are no critical dimensions. You can use flow calculations to determine the level differentials at different flow rates.
. Plywood (not MDF) will probably last as long as you need. A good coat of water-proof paint will help.