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Any ideas on how to make reel to reel 8mm film rewinder? Answered

I need a manual reel to reel rewinder for 8mm film but am not willing to pay the prices asked for on eBay or etsy. Any ideas for a home made one? Thanks



1 year ago

Are you interested yet ? I've been planning a rewinder for 16mm. I think you can buy a cheap spindle adaptor for 8mm (easily found); I know some shops where you can find them. This picture here is not mine. I printed it from a youtube video about 35mm projectors. That rewinder works on a cheap sewing machine. Later I wish to design a smooth start and slowdown. I've been collecting internet links for most of the parts as well. I've found projects for printing 3D film cores and reels. And collected circuitry from 80's electronics magazines about pseudo stereo in order to change mono into stereo sound for old projectors. I will design and make metallic split reels for my 16mm projector by using gas connections soldered to cnc machined reels. Do you know Synkino ? --> https://www.filmkorn.org/synkino/?lang=en Maybe we can share ideas...? Cheers lady !

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