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Any ideas on how to ship a 20 in. iMac to Hawaii from the midwest? Answered



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Do you have the box it came in? if not, find a box with at least 6 inches on each of the 'long' sides, and 4 inches on the short sides. wrap the computer in bubble wrap, preferably the kind that dissipates static electricity. Put something stiff over the screen portion, outside of the bubble wrap - several layers of cardboard at the LEAST. I would personally use a thin sheet of wood etc for more 'puncture' protection on that beautiful screen. Put a cushion of styrofoam, or cornstarch (the biodegradable shipping stuff) beads into the box, about 5 inches worth. Add computer, then fill on all sides with packing chips. Scrunch them in 'somewhat' tightly to prevent settling during shipment. Tape the box closed, then wrap in shipping paper. Computers and monitors don't mind which way is 'up' so long as its not a hugely extended period. Pay for shipping insurance. period. :D


Answer 10 years ago

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