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Any ideas what to do with network tubings? Answered

I got my hands on hundreds of meters of network tubings last year, thinking I could use it for SOMETHING (have ten times more than on the picture). But I don't get any ideas!!! :-( Should I melt it? Into what? Should I build a statue? How? Could I make art of the tubing? What kind? I'm completly dry, pleeeaaase help... Would appriciate if you would send pictures to your ideas! :-) Thanks!


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Answer 3 years ago

I suspected something like this based on the shiny image.
Definately not the standard stuff that keeps network cables (cat5,6) together.
More heavy duty for underground use.
But you can recycle it, in fact I like the stuff for machining new stuff that broke.
At home it can be tricky though without the right tools.
@ around 220°C it will start to melt or better go soft, a bit more temp and it becomes sticky and can be pressed together or extruded.
Problem is that the stuff is a good insulator as well and it does not like oxygen when when heated too much as it goes brittle.
Forgot what oil I used but I went to the supermarket and checked what temp frying oils will tolerate and grabbed the one with the highest temp LOL
Put in a pot with a smaller can inside and you are good to try.
Requires a good thermometer though and never leave it alone!!!
If the oil smokes before you can press the material in the can to a solid lump you need a different oil to prevent a flash burn!
Best option would be an extruder with a good temp controller, maybe as simple as an old meatgrinder with enough heating wire around it....


3 years ago

make colorful planters for your tomato plants!