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Any issues connecting USB port /- and a DC 2.1 MM port /- together into a single DC 2.1? Answered

Could I connect a USB port  +/- and a DC 2.1 MM port +/- together into a single DC 2.1 Barrel and connect it to a portable router without any damage? I want to hide my hacking router into a external hdd case and have a USB port/DC Port for different options to draw power into the router. Or maybe I should have a switch that enables either the USB port  | OFF|   DC Port? If anyone can help with this? Thanks...?


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9 years ago

If the router works on 5v at less than 500mA then you're fine to do that, if it draws more it may asplode your usb port if the thermal protection doesn't shut it down properly.

Undercurrenting your router might also cause weird behaviour on that.