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Any one can give me 5 pin transformer in cheap rate??? Answered

I was making world's smallest shocker but i broke down a part called "5 pin Transformer" and i find it on net but it is very costly there. 10$........!!!!
I live in India and i want someone who can give this part for low cost to my home,


al 01

5 years ago

if you want to make yourself get the body from disspossable lamp and re wind as you want


6 years ago

Go along to your local place which develops film from disposable cameras.  They will have many used ones which most places will give away for free if you ask them nicely.

Take the camera apart and you will find a 'five pin transformer' in the flash circuitry.  (Careful - there'll also be a capacitor which may give you a shock. Discharge it first before you desolder anything by shorting out its terminals.)