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Any recommendations on how to increase the crappy audio volume on my EEE PC? Answered

Trying to watch streaming TV through my Eee PC while I'm on the road is infuriating because I can't hear the audio even with headphones and the volume cranked all the way to 11. Time/talent aren't on my side so I'm not sure I'd be able to kludge together some of the projects here. Thx, Wudjor



4 years ago

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4 years ago

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Carl Meyer

6 years ago

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6 years ago

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8 years ago

in the realtek audio manager there is an equalizer. Setting all of them to max and clicking on the "on" button will increase the volume dramatically.... unfortunately the algorithm behind that is somehow cheap and on my sennheiser hifi headphones you hear audio artifacts especially when playing DVD

For Linix there are some patches for the audio mixer but it seams in Windows it's app based.... I'll give the Haali media splitter a try because it is able to send all media streams through external filters, and if there is a filter "volume x4" I'll get it, and if it doesn't exist I'll make one


9 years ago

I have a EEE PC as well, and I know what you're talking about.  Since the speakers are on the bottom, I find tilting the laptop so the front of the keyboard is off the ground by an inch or so really makes a difference.  It doesn't even affect your view, but it does make typing funny.  You can also wedge a reflector under the laptop to bounce the audio forward (vs. down).

Joe Martin

10 years ago

What model is it, I'm guess you might be running linux as it does not have the realtek control panel for dolby sound room, If your on xp have a look in control panel, Realtec somthing (The icon is of a red speaker) and make sure for sound effect you have it on none as if its on padded room or hallway I find the volume always seems decresed.


10 years ago

We actually have a similar problem as we like to watch tv episodes on mrs_bobs laptop and the volume doesn't get up enough to hear unless you're right in front of the laptop. I found a small cheap speakers with an amplifier setup, in my junk pile. So now I have two volume controls. I think that you can find something similar, and fairly cheap. Yard sales might be a source. Hope this gives you an idea.