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Any suggestions for home made pot or tub for plants? Answered

how to make pot or tub like for a plant?



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Altoid tins, depending on how big and how small. Cut off the top of a milk jug, and spray paint any design on it. Make cardboard squares and like it with duct tape and put duct tape on the outside.


9 years ago

-Portland cement -Peralite -Peat Moss -Rectangular Milk Carton (empty) have extra on have in case you have more concrete mix -Pint Juice/Heavy Cream Container or some container that will fit in the milk container. Have extra on have in case you have more concrete mix -Bucket -Quart of Water -Paint stick/mixer -Pam Spray or an other spray oils (I get mine from the local dollar store) ================================================================ In the bucket add: One cup concrete One cup Peralite Once cup Peat Moss Pour in water at intervals until desired consistancy Mix with Stick until you consistancy of thick pancake batter and smooth. You add sprinkles of each until you have it "right" Cut top od Milk container and spray light coating INSIDE milk container and OUTSIDE smaller container. Fill milk container 1/2 way with concrete mixture and tap container to settle mixture. I use a drill and hold it against the container and use the vibration to settle the concrete Place pint container in middle of milk container and push down until the concrete surrounds the pint container to desired depth. I got a funnel and poured water in the pint container to weigh it down! You can also pour any remaining concrete into the pint container for more uses! Also wait about 20 minutes and push the inner container back into the concrete (it will rise up a bit) Let it set for 24-48 hours in a non moisture spot. I put mine on a shelf. Peel the outside container and CARFULLY and lift out the inner container! Viola! you are done! I use a concrete drill bit to make holes in the bottom. DON'T DRILL TOO FAST OR THE WHOLE THING WILL CRACK! Done! It should look something like this! Have fun and I hope this helps! You can also do this with metal mixing bowls But be sure you spray them!


10 years ago

To add a bit to Kiteman's excellent answer: - For anything like buckets, bowls, old cooking pots, etc., that don't already have holes in the bottom, you'll need to make some so that water can drain away from the plants' roots. These can easily be drilled into wood or plastic (1/8" to 3/8" holes, spaced no more than 2-3" apart, work well). For ceramics, you'll need a masonry drill bit and a slow, patient drilling speed. (For glass, I've never tried it, but I believe it requires a masonry drill bit, a slow, patient drilling speed, and a fair bit of luck :). If you really can't (or really, really don't want to) drill drainage holes in your container, you can fill the bottom 2-6" of the container with rocks or pot shards, and try to water just enough but not too much. OTOH, if you have a bucket or kettle that already has a hole or two in the bottom, a planter is a great way to put it to good use. - Anything you're going to use as a planting pot should be washed beforehand to get rid of anything that might harm the plants, old auto tires (or tyres :) especially. (And I'm sure I don't need to tell you not use to any container that has held poisons, pesticides, or other nasty chemicals to grow food for human or animal consumption.) - Concrete pipes, bricks, or breezeblock (or anything made of concrete) will tend to leach alkalinity into the nearby soil. This is not necessarily a problem - it just means that alkaline-loving and/or tolerant plants will do well in concrete planters while acid-loving plants will not. Kiteman probably finds that Mediterranian herbs like rosemary, lavender, and oregano do better in his breezeblock border than heathers or azaleas. (You can Google "alkaline" with "plants" for more info on this.) And you can use the "Search" box at the upper right to see lots of Instructables on making planters out of all sorts of nifty things. :)


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Anything that will hold water or soil can serve as a pot:

  • Buckets
  • Cups & mugs
  • Bowls
  • Pots & pans
  • Cut-down bottles
  • plastic bags
  • pieces of pipe (any diameter) stood on end
  • One border of my lawn is actually a line of breeze-blocks, with plants growing in the holes.
  • Empty car-tyres (which can be stacked to make taller pots)
  • Build containers from bricks
  • Rip the insides from a toaster, and then grow plants through the slots
  • Clean out empty food cans
  • Cut the tops off soda cans
  • Wash out opened eggs and stand them in an egg box
  • Just use the egg box

In other words, there is very little you can't make into a container for plants.