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Any techniques for preshrinking a "Jelly Roll?" (pre cut fabric strips for quilting)? Answered

 It seems like it could be a big tangled mess if I put them in the washer/drier ---  This is for a quilt that combines a few different fabrics of variable provenance/manufacture - and similarly variable shrink rates.  Jelly roll in question is "Deer Valley" brand.



9 years ago

It hink the delicates bag will be the way to go.   I've only got commercial laundrymat stuff to use for this... but its interesting that there is some  sort of rack that does this.

And by hand probably won't have the desired effect... since th epoint is to mess up the fabric as much as you can in the manner which you'd wish to continue to mess with it. -- it toss it in the washer and drier...If I wanted to hand wash the quilt, handwashing the cotton might do the trick.  :-)



Answer 9 years ago

OK... do not use the lingerie bag for jelly rolls. In fact. Do not machine wash them at all.  Plan to use the strips as is.  From a similar company/line so that the stink rate is the same-ish.

The tangled mess that could be slowly cut free (even in a lingerie bag) was epic, and in addition to being time consuming, it also pulled many pieces off grain again, and the frayed edges reduced the accuracy and stability of the seam allowance/size of pieces to be pieced into a quilt.