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Any way to make a working real life rorschach mask? Answered

Okay i have been trying to think of a way for a while now, but i can't really. Not some CG one. Heat reactive glue won't garente the mask looks even and a mini projector is just outright silly. Any Ideals? Thank you?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Not affordable, but "electronic paper" is about as good a medium as I can think of.


7 years ago

Ill post a link here as soon as i finish my rorschach mask.

I plan on making a good and proper mask using thermochromic pigment, and heating wire. where the mask heats up, the pigment turns clear, the response time as well for the pigment is so fast, asuming the air is below perhaps 28-30, it would be possible for the mask to change as fast as it does in the movie, except obviously it wont "tween" or morph it will just fade.

If anyone needs some 31c black thermochromic pigment, im selling now, in rebellion against all the other sellers charging bucket loads for the pigment. I buy it at a rate between 50 cents per gram, and sell at perhaps $0.9-1.5 per gram depending on how much someone needs, as opposed to the others selling at over $2 per gram, where the minimum spending cost is about $50-100.

Obviously i cant put any links here, but search me on ebay or contact me if you want to buy some from me. Unlike the others, i will sell in any quantity.


8 years ago


Yes there is. Looks relativley cheap. Just hope it's real.


9 years ago

I don't know what environment you were hoping to use this in, so I'm gonna just guess "costume party" and hope for the best. I really wanted to figure this out a couple years ago, myself... as a maskmaker it had me curious for a long while.

You'd have to find a way of re-wetting the material now and then - perhaps a strategic sponge in a sealed container at your belt? - but there's a kind of chinese calligraphy practice paper that darkens when wetted (you can actually see the patent for the stuff as used in a toy if you search "water reactive paper" - it's dark and coated in pale silica, basically an ultrafine sand, which goes transparent when it's wet.) You could probably glue some of this material to the surface of a smooth mask. If you were to apply your damp hands in symmetrical patterns you could change the expression periodically as the material dried (and reverted to white). You'd have to be inventive about the eye areas, however, as the paper isn't see-through - I bet a white stocking could cover the eye holes satisfactorily.

I'd tell you where to lay hands on some of the stuff, but I've had little success myself. I've heard it's available as a paper somewhere for calligraphy, but where? I remember seeing one of those toys years ago - maybe you could pull the material out of the frame? It has to be cheaper than the other options even if you find and spring for the toy. !!----- HANG ON, I tried one more search: looked for "magic calligraphy paper" and I'm seeing similar things, some for $5 for multiple sheets. Looks good, boss.

Failing this, maybe there's some white material that goes transparent when damp which you could place over a darker material underneath? I haven't had much luck thinking of other materials with the same properties - infinitely rewettable AND transparent when wet is kind of a broad category, but it requires a very high surface area and porosity. Cloth doesn't get transparent enough; maybe there's a way to do it with some kind of starch without it melting? There are other sources of silica, but the trick will be powdering it and then getting it applied to a surface without becoming permanently transparent from glue.

If this isn't of use to the original poster anymore, maybe somebody else'll get a boost out of it... if they can get past my underslept diction. Good luck to anybody who tries this project and I hope you'll note me with your results!


10 years ago

why not do it in two ply latex like the original and mask up the breathing hole with the standard superhero movie stocking?
Think Luchador variant with carefully camoflaged bulletants/oakleys/wileys for the eyepieces.