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Anybody looking for someone who has lots of ideas? Answered

- I regularly come up with lots of ideas in a variety of fields, give me a problem and I can usually come up with a creative solution for it
- I'm currently in college going for a degree in electrical engineering.
- I live in Ferndale, MI and would prefer staying around here, but I can relocate.

-I'm also pretty good at populating and soldering circuit boards together.
-I'm getting my feet wet in coding
-I've got a rock solid knowledge of CAD programs, CAM i could pick up pretty quick

If you're genuinely interested, PM me and I'll send you all the information you'd want
I'll even work the first week free, and if you want me to stay, I'll stay


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The Ideanator
The Ideanator

Reply 10 years ago

I dig it, but I need money to live there as it would be one heck of a commute.