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Anybody speak Scots Gaelic?? Answered

I got this book from my aunt who teaches gaelic in cape breton, its called Everyday Gaelic by Morag Macneill, and im trying to learn it because i think my dad said hes taking my siblings and i to cape breton next year for a huge ass family reunion. The book i have teaches the basic grammar and punctuation and pronunciation, but lacks words. theres phrases, but nothing enough to keep a conversation going, just stuff that you would use if you were to be in a gaelic speaking community and needed to ask where the washroom is and stuff like that.

So, (im approaching the main question now =P), i was wondering if anybody speaks fluent scots gaelic and if you do, could you maybe help me out on learning it. You can contact me at highland_macleod@yahoo.ca and id really appreciate any help from someone who understands the language. Thanks !! =]



8 years ago

I speak some and I am trying to learn. My favourite phrase is: Ort Caora!


9 years ago

I wish I was fluent I am trying to learn Irish gaelic. Tá turas maith!