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Anyone got thoughts on this instructable idea? Answered

I own a foodsaver with those airtight containers. The rubber piece came off the other day and got me to thinking. Almost any container could be used by drilling a hole in it.

Maybe someone could come up with a DIY to make containers that work with foodsaver or those Zip pumps that take the air out of containers.

Those pint containers that come with Chinese food might work. Or Tupperware or Ziploc containers would do also.

I just have the idea but not the talent to do it. I'll leave that to others. ha ha.


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10 years ago

all you need is a one way valve and a container... you could just reuse the valves that are already on the containers you have.

maybe if you had some kind of clear box that was resistant to collapse you could do a fun science demo and show what happens to things when they're exposed to a vacuum (like marshmallows...that's one of my favorite ones)