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Anyone have a good RGB LED Music Circuit? Answered

I'm hoping to build a very large array of LEDs that will go along with the beat of whatever is playing on the PC. The goal is something like 200 RGB LEDs spread across the room (mainly in the separations of an IKEA Expedit). I have quite a few of these Expedits and wanted to create a circuit that would accomplish 2 things. First is a switch to control whether the LEDs cycle through colors, or go along with the music. If the switch is set for the music, the hope is to force the red channel to be a mid, blue as a low and green as a high pass. What would I need to accomplish this? Note: This is all going to be tied into an old 600w power supply I have laying around. It puts out 18A@12V on one rail and 15A@12V on the second rail, so power isnt an issue.

The controller I want to use to run the RGB LEDs under normal circumstances is the one described here: http://picprojects.org.uk/projects/bigmosfetrgb/index.htm ... Is there a way to add to this, bypassing the microcontroller and shifting to another method of controlling the LEDs when the switch is flipped?

I'm not looking for a complete guide, or even a full circuit ... a rough outline and part list would be appreciated though.



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10 years ago

I used Processing to do an FFT on the audio stream.  Basically this is just taking the standard bars visualization and then sampling each bar (or every Xth bar) to the microcontroller.  I'm using this in my RGB LED PC fan controller that has 4 independent RGB LED's controlled by an ATMega168.  I have the micro hooked to the PC via serial port (internal COM2 in my case since it's inside the PC, but external COM ports work the same way).  Then the Processing code just sends 12 values from the bars visualization to the controller (values range from 0 to 255 but my controller uses 4-byte frames, so each color update is 4 bytes, for a full update it's 4*12 led's = 48 bytes, doing 60fps it's 48*60 bytes per second on a 19200 baud setup (the AVR using its internal 8MHz oscillator and a buffered serial port routine I wrote to get rid of missed bytes).


11 years ago

Websearch "color organ"; this has traditionally been done with analog circuitry.