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Anyone have a instructions on how to build an electric arc engraver? Answered

I want to build my own electric arc engraver similar to an Actograph or a Martindale. Not prepared to spend $400+ for one. Not the vibrating kind like a Dremel but one that burns into the metal. Had one at a shop I used to work at but I never got around to copying it. I recall that it was fairly simple--a hunk of plywood with a metal plate with ground wire attatched & a heavy duty cork insulated cord with copper tip as the business end. Any info would be appreciated.



8 years ago

You might want to make a lazer burner and mount it on a CNC machiene. I think you cant get a lazer burner from a Xbox or some commputer disk drives. I dont know the power of thoes lazers but I think you can buy them cheap. CO2 lazer cutter too cut sheet metal.
pocket lazer engraver.
I think the second one tells you where you can buy one, the first one might.


10 years ago

We've got a very old one at work which is essentially a hand held buzzer. The buzzer vibrates a stylus against the surface to be marked. There is a transformer feeding the hand piece, returning through the stylus. As the circuit is made, the buzzer lifts the magnet, and the arc formed burns the metal. The cycle repeats at about 30Hz. Is this what you are looking for ?